Moral Warrior coming to a city near you....
Only death will bring his  peace....
Anyone in the close proximity that wants to be in the movie let me know.  Or if you want to help in any aspect of the movie.  This is the first attempt of .   Single people making movies for fun and to support the red door kitchens to feed the hungry kids.  Funrunners we teach not preach, and we will party..   And this is not a paying position at this time.  Check out  and   I need a radio host.  We are not trying to be Hollywood, just movies that have a meaning are fun to make and watch.  Make friends making a movie.  Next is a comedy travel movie to Costa Rica.   Also starting if you want to write about Costa Rica or take a district and get rich.

I am doing something that is out there a bit. But it would give a man a chance to go out for justice.  It is going to be  and the movie trailer for , we shot some video this weekend for the trailer.   A Marine that has lost everything , a Marine with agent purple , he lost his LATINO wife (LOL) in A WRECK with a rich guy.   So he gets off and belittles her and make her sound like a criminal, drunk, and she was stopped at a red light when he lost control of the car.  He has a revelation and feels like the Lords warrior.    SO the MoralWarrior starts taking the slime out.  The website  receives emails from people who know and can prove these people have given up their right to live.  This is meant to be a series of  and ( single people making movies to help feed kids)  (Both of which are my ideas and sites.) Just want to honest  from top to bottom.  The first movie is the Racist, the rich guy is a racist and since the wife was Latino, he used his money and bought a judge in a round about way.   The next MoralWarrior  movie  will be a bad politician or child sex offender, hard to choose.  Then the 3rd one will be a Drug Lord who is using his product and gone over the edge.  And we will have new single people in the movies,  they will be shot in a week or less. We are not trying to be MGM.
By the 4th Movie we should be ready for the movie. ( may have live footage)

By Friday, I hope to have a video on the site , ASKING FOR MARINES that are in their 50's, 60's and  70's that do not cherish the idea of dying in a nursing home. SO I am offering a chance to go with the invitation of the Mexican Government to take out the cartels.  We do not run, we do not do hand to hand,  but we can still hit a target at 500 yards.  We slip in, there is a glimmer,  shadows fall and we slide out..

Join  it is free . 

Anniston Alabama
Moral Warrior coming to a city near you....